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Sweet Home Family Medicine has undergone some significant change. We have merged with Primary Care of Western New York. PCWNY is a larger group with offices in Williamsville, Kenmore and Wheatfield. This office has become the 4th location. Information about PCWNY and staff is available at www.primarycarewny.com.

What does this mean for the patients of SHFM? For the most part, the current staff will remain here. Current patients do not have do anything about their records or notifying their insurance carriers. A new physician, Dr. Sara White, will be joining us at the Sweet Home location. As patients of the larger practice, you will have access to the other sites and more providers – should it benefit your schedule and location. There will be additional and later hours available. SHFM has been able to provide Saturday hours one time a month in the past. Now, Saturday hours for sick visits will be available every Saturday – at the Williamsville office.

For the most part, PCWNY accepts the same health insurances at SHFM. Please note, however, NEW Workers’ Compensation cases will not be addressed. Established cases can continue and will be billed. No Fault (car accident) injuries will continue to be cared for but PCWNY will not bill and it will become the patients’ responsibility to settle balances. Proper documentation and receipts will be issued so that patients can be reimbursed by the No Fault carrier.

For the next several months, the current phone number 716-636-7800 will remain active. The main number for PCWNY is 716-839-8000. Many patients of SHFM have used our Patient Portal (Follow My Health). I admit is has been a struggle to use that device and it lacks much of the functionality both staff and patients would’ve liked. However, with the merger, we use a new Portal system – which I am happy to say is much more user friendly! I am strongly encouraging patients to sign up with the portal and use it as much as possible. Doing so will be the fastest, most convenient way to obtain refills, appointments, general information and etc. You may have received information and instructions already.

I appreciate the trust that you have had in me and the SHFM staff over the years. We look forward to continue working to keep you healthy in a friendly, modern practice for years to come.
Sincerely yours,

Dr. Joshua Usen